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Open forum:

I’ve been noticing a lot of ‘unpopular opinion’ warnings going up, or rants being hidden behind “Read More”, so I thought I would, in the spirit of sharing and open discussion, air mine right here and now. One, perhaps, rare thought for each of the shows I’m actively watching.

  • Fringe: I like altverse, and Altlivia. I also find the Bishops more compelling than Olivia in every way.
  • Community: I find Britta often humorous, but also often obnoxious.
  • Supernatural: There is nothing about Season 6 I wouldn’t mind tossing away to let it have ended when it ended at 5. Castiel bored me.
  • Criminal Minds: I don’t think Hotch is that badass. I like Seaver.
  • Glee: Finn can’t sing.
  • Dexter: I found Rita annoying and hard to put up with.
  • Leverage: I don’t think Hardison and Parker are that cute; I like her interactions with Eliot better.
  • Game Of Thrones: I find the characters to be, while not flat, not that uniquely developed.
  • Castle: I do not find Beckett and Castle to be overly compelling as characters. Very entertaining, but not amazing.
  • Stargate Universe: I liked it.
  • Bonus: I usually am more compelled and feel more intrigued by male characters then female.

Remember: just because someone doesn’t find something flawless doesn’t mean they hate it and are deserving of your scorn. Criticisms can also be born from liking something enough to analyze it, too.

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